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The Future of Libraries | Feb 2015

Do We Have 5 Years to Live?

The Future of Libraries is a two-day institute for CEOs, University/College Librarians, government and special library directors, and their senior staff, to get beyond the nostalgia, platitudes and cliches and explore the significant challenges facing library leaders. A unique program planned by and for public library CEOs/Directors and University Librarians and their senior staff.

In a world filled with turbulent change, are libraries keeping pace? Are they innovating and engaging their communities with all the opportunities available?  Are they choosing the right focus and priorities?  Join us for spirited discussions and interactive problem-solving!

Thursday and Friday, February 5-6, 2015
USC in Los Angeles

Thursday, February 5, 2015

08:30 Hosted Refreshments
09:00 Welcome from the Co-Chairs Jane Dysart and Ken Haycock
09:10 Framing the Challenge
Presentation Slides
Setting the tone for this two day event, Ken Haycock shares current research, issues, examples and introduce the challenges for all types of libraries.
09:40 The Top Three Challenges  Table discussion.
10:00 Reality and the Near future
Presentation Slides
Jane Dysart interviews Lee Rainie Pew Internet & American Life Project.
10:20 Drivers for Change and Transformation
Presentation Slides
Scott Hargrove, Fraser Valley Regional Library
Are we ready for a perfect storm of private sector competition from all sides plus service reviews (and budget reductions) plus scope creep from other municipal services plus technological pressures?, Hargrove looks at a pivotal moment in a time for transformation and shares a number of thought-provoking models.
10:50 Networking Break
11:10 Focused Transformation
Presentation Slides
Andrew Wells, University of New South Wales (By Skype)
11:30 Options and Opportunities
Presentation Slides
Additional Resources
Joe Matthews, Author and Consultant
12:00 Hosted Lunch and Networking
12:45 Reinventing What?
Presentation Slides
Steven Coffman, vice-president of LSSI notes the conflicting demands of core brand and critical options, increasing use and decreasing funds, comfort of the status quo and the necessary risk of innovation. Here is a focus on publics and reducing costs. Q&A.
01:45 Setting the Stage
Presentation Slides
Corinne Hill, Executive Director of the Chattanooga Public Library
The Chattanooga Public Library transformed the fourth floor to connect with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and the community. A gigabyte city needs a gigabyte library. Q&A.
03:00 Networking Break
03:30 The Organizational Context Panel: Pressure Points for Change: What the Board Chairs, City Managers and Provosts are Saying
Kim Bui-Burton, Community Manager, City of Monterey
Catherine Quinlan, Dean, USC Libraries, University of Southern California
Greg Lucas, State Librarian for California
Susan Hildreth, Former Director, IMLS
Discussion. Q&A
End of Formal Program
04:30 Networking Reception Bring your business cards!
Sponsored by Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
06:00 Continue the Conversation Relax and discuss the day with colleagues at a nearby restaurant! No host dinner groupings.



Friday, February 6, 2015

 08:30 Hosted Refreshments
 09:00 Consider the Strategies Table Groups by Strategy
Meet with a library leader in small groups to discuss a specific strategy. Opportunities to participate in three discussions.
 10:30 Networking Break
 11:00 Taking Action Jane Dysart interviews Mary-Ann MavrinacVice-Provost, River Campus Libraries, University of Rochester about strategies and practices over the past year to move an academic library into a more sustainable future.
  11:30 Continuous Innovation & Transformation Steve Denning, Author, The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management, The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling, & othersAs we shift to a creative economy there are lots of opportunities for libraries.  Get insights and ideas from our speaker. Here’s his latest writing,
 12:00 Hosted Lunch
 12:45 Putting it All Together What I Know. What I Thought I Knew. What I Need to Know.
Facilitated Discussion (Jane Dysart).
 01:30 Moving Forward Panel: From What I’ve Heard, This is What I Would Add, This is My View
Mark Stover, Dean, CSU-Northridge
Leif Pederson, Sr. Senior Vice President of Product Management, R&D, and Marketing, Innovative Interfaces
Jan Sanders, Director, Pasadena Public Library
Margaret Todd, County Librarian for Los Angeles
 02:45 Break
 03:15 Findings and Conclusions Jane Dysart/Ken Haycock

Table Topics from the 9:00 am session

  1. The Municipal Landscape & Learning from Municipal Peers
    Kim Bui-Burton, Director, City of Monterey
  2. Higher Education Landscape & Innovation
    Catherine Quinlan, Dean, USC Libraries
  3. The Staff Challenge
    Margaret Todd, County Librarian, LA County Library
  4.  Innovating Operations Research
    Steve Coffman, Vice-President, LSSI
  5. Building Innovation
    Cindy Hill, Manager, Executive Director, Research Library & Bank Archives, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  6. Trends Across the Continent
    Diane Satchwell, Executive Director, Southern California Library Co-operative
  7. MakerSpaces: Risks and Opportunities
    Corinne Hill, Executive Director, Chattanooga Public Library
  8. Fee for Service
    Deb Hunt, Library Director, Mechanics’ Institute
  9. Using Metrics – You Have No Choice
    Joe Matthews, President, JRM Consulting
  10. Competitors You Never Even Thought About
    Scott Hargrove, CEO Fraser Valley Regional Library
  11. Engagement
    Susan Hildreth, Former Director, IMLS


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